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Specialty Seeds have many years of experience in the Australian turf market.

We supply councils, professional lawn care contractors, garden centres, landscapers, property developers and the home gardener. We currently have seed in two trial blocks which is given us invaluable information on where they are positioned in today's market.

Selecting the right Lawn Seed

Specialty Seeds have a range of Quality Lawn Seed Mixes selected to take out the guess work for you.

However if you like many of our professional contractors / landscapers you have a specific requirement please contact us and we can custom blend to your requirements. Specialty Seeds can source any commercially available lawn seed cultivar for you.

Spyder' 100% Turf Tall Fescue

Spyder LS tall fescue has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall turf quality under medium maintenance, traffic exposure, and shade. It is dark in color, vigorous and aggressive, with broad disease resistance, particularly to brown patch. Quicker to fill-in, weed presence is minimal. Its drought tolerance is also top rated, reducing irrigation costs and conserving water resources.

Spyder LS is versatile. Its excellent turf performance occurs under varying climates and soil conditions, well down into the transition zone. The inherent genetic characteristics of color, compact growth, and texture and density result in a more manicured appearance under only normal maintenance.

Spyder LS is suggested for finer quality residential and corporate turf, sod production, and sports areas, as well as golf course roughs.

Spyder is available in 5 kg bags and 23 kg bags.

Please contact Specialty Seeds for more information on Spyder.

Downloads: Click here to download our Spyder Turf Tall Fescue flyer.

Lawn Tips

  • Lawn Establishment and Care Guide - Tips on how to succesfully establish your new lawn.
  • Pests and Disease Control - Pest and disease control made easy.

        If you would like some more information and helpful tips on how to make your lawn sow down a success please donít hesitate to contact us.

      • Spyder Tall Turf Fescue

        Spyder Tall Turf Fescue lawn

        Spyder Tall Turf Fescue

        Spyder Tall Turf Fescue in bucket

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