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Thunder Diploid Annual Ryegrass:

Plant Features:
  • Diploid
  • Early Maturity
  • Rust & Gray Leaf Spot Resistance
Forage Benefits:
  • Early Grazing
  • Improved Forage Quality
We all know that the two most important attributes that a ryegrass can have is a consistent forage production from month-to-month and a high total seasonal yield. Thunder is an early maturing diploid (2N) variety, which was bred to provide that consistent, high quality forage.

Early maturity means that Thunder will provide forage at a time during the grazing season when other forage options are at their lowest. Good winter and early spring yields make Thunder a very useful grass to supplement the feed supply. The earlier finish allows paddocks to be prepared in good time for spring/summer crop.

As demonstrated in the trial data from Mutdapilly Research Station, NSW, Thunder has provided significantly more feed than Tetilla. The absolute bonus is that as a Diploid grass, Thunder has vastly superior feed quality than the Tetraploid Annuals.

Management Tips:

For the best performance, plant into a firm, well-drained seedbed and fertilise based upon a soil test. Seeding rates vary from region to region and according to soil type. Consult your local professional seedsman for advice and assistance. In general, a seeding rate of 20 to 30 kg / ha is recommended.

If harvested as hay or silage, optimum harvest timing will vary between stands grown as monostand and those stands blended with a legume. For monostands, the best yields are seen when harvest is delayed until the grass is in the boot stage. When blended with a legume, harvest should be timed to when the legume is at peak quality.

If Thunder is planted for grazing, the height of the stand should be maintained at 75 to 250 mm in height. Managed at this height, tillering is maximised and optimum grazing performance is realised.

Thunder Tetraploid Ryegrass

Thunder Diploid Annual Ryegrass - Click here to view the Brochure
Thunder Diploid Annual Ryegrass Brochure

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