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Seed treatment is an effective way of protecting your investment in new pastures. Seed treatment products can include insecticides, fungicides and biological additives (in combination or singularly), designed to help maximise plant establishment. The placement of pesticides in close proximity to the seed means seed treatment is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Specialty Seeds have included the information below to help you make an informed decision on your best option for Seed Treatment.

Gaucho Seed Treatment:

Specialty Seeds are approved applicators of Gaucho seed treatment. Gaucho is a systemic seed treatment used for the protection of establishing pasture & brassica seedlings.

Gaucho gives protection from red legged earthmite , lucerne flea, in a pasture situation and aphids in brassica situations.

Gaucho has a excellent environmental profile with no harmful effects on the seed and has no smell traditionally associated with granular products typically used for the same job.

Specialty Seeds recommends the use of Gaucho and all treatment is done on site to ensure no delay in your seed order.

Please contact us at Specialty Seeds if you have any further questions about Gaucho or any other Seed Treatment options.

Gaucho Seed Treatment

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