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New Products:

Thunder Diploid Annual Ryegrass:
Thunder Diploid Annual Ryegrass is the complete package. Excellent resistance to gray leaf spot and crown rust, amazing palatability, high digestibility, and trial topping dry matter forage yields! For more information on this exciting new cultivar please click here.

Massey Basyn Yorkshire Fog:
Back into production Massey Basyn tolerates wet, infertile and acidic soil types. Used for forestry and erosion control areas. Massey Basyn contains flavanoids and tannins both have been shown to improve stock health when used for stock grazing. Note: In short supply.

New Lawn Seed Packs:

One & Five Kilogram lawn seed packs
Specialty Seeds have recently upgraded their lawn seed packs. New plastic 1 and 5 kg packs with full planting instructions. These high quality packs reflex the high quality seed we provide within them. For any enquiries please contact us.

Persian Clover:

Persian clover originates from the Middle East or more specifically in Turkey, Iran and Iraq where it performs remarkably in summer dry areas. Persian Clover can be used as either a special purpose forage crop or used in pasture seed mixes with Italian ryegrasses, cereals or brassicas. Over recent years there has been a great deal of interest in Persian clovers due to its self regenerating and highly nutritive plant properties.

Enrich™:™: Very late flowering type with proven increased dry matter yield into late spring early summer.For any enquiries please contact us.


More Lucerne:
More™ Lucerne is that is a ‘carefully selected blend’ of Semi Winter Active and Winter Active Lucernes. Some of the advantages of this are:

  • An extended growing season is obtained against using just one of the activity types.
  • More Dry matter / annum.
  • Capture of all the benefits of both a Winter Active and Semi Winter active Lucerne.
For any enquiries please contact us.

Innoculation Options:

A new granular innoculant called Alosca is now available from Specialty Seeds. Alosca allows legumes such as lucerne to be sown without the need for coating or slurry innoculating. This delivers a saving to the farmer when sowing pure stands of lucerne as sowing rates can be reduced by around 25% (coating of seed usally adds around 30% to the weight of the seed) and the innoculant is in a stable form able to withstand storage and dry sowings and gives fexiblity with storing seed before sowing. Alsoca should be sown with the seed (either mixed with the seed or fertiliser at 10 kg/ha. Not all varieties are available bare, where they are, we recommend Gaucho treating them and sowing with Alosca granular innoculant.For any enquiries please contact us.

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