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Lucerne is a perennial legume species with an extended taproot that allows the plant access to water and nutrients deep in the soil profile and which gives it superior drought tolerance in comparison to grass pastures in lower rainfall areas.

Lucerne is a multi-purpose plant that can either be grazed or conserved as hay/silage for use during times of the year when pasture quality or diet protein levels are low. Lucerne has excellent stock acceptance and produces impressive yields of high quality feed.

Lucerne cultivars are selected by their dormancy ratings (these are shown as numbers: 1-10) so your choice of cultivar will depend on whether you are after a winter active, semi-winter active or winter dormant lucerne (Under this system "1" is the most winter dormant and "10" is the most winter active).


SuperSonic Alfalfa (rating 9): SuperSonic is a New Product that is highly winter active with strong autumn and spring growth. For more information please click here.

Other Cultivars: Other cultivars we sell include: Kaituna (4-5), Stamina GT6 (6), SuperSonic (9), Force 7(7), SF 714QL(7) and Force 10 (10).

Lucerne Innoculation: Important Road

Lucerne seed should always be inoculated with Group AL lucerne inoculant prior to planting. Superstrike Coated Lucerne comes pre-innoculated. Bare seed requires separate innoculant to be purchased.


Please contact Specialty Seeds for all your Lucerne needs.

Click here for Supersonic Lucerne information

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