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  • White Clovers -
    The best legume for perennial pastures where moisture and medium to high fertility prevail. Winter hardy and frost tolerant. Easy to establish, produces a network of stolons and a dense cover of leaves..
  • Red Clovers -
    Short lived, tap roted, drought tolerant legume that provides high quality feed. Not as winter active as white clover. May live for 1-3 years in pasture swards. Some cultivars contain phyto-oestrogens that can affect animal fertility.
  • Annual Clovers -
    Annual legume, most suited to areas with acid soils and or dry summer conditions. Very prostrate plant that generally has better winter growth than white clover and will persist through self polination and reseeding. Commonly used in oversow situations as it is easy to establish.
  • Other Clovers - Annual and perennial legumes.

White clovers
(Sowing Rates: Mixed: 3 - 4 kgs per ha)

  • In White clover, leaf size generally means more potential yield. However a high stolon density means that theres better tolerance of adverse conditions, such as drought, pests or pugging. It's important to select the right clover for the situation basd on these attributes.

    Aran White clover: (L) Aran is a high yielding clover suitable for dairy and cattle grazing, fast establishment, good disease resistance.. Click here for more information.
    Canterbury White clover: (MS) Canterbury is an Australian bred high performance white clover. Click here for more information.
    Ladino clover: Noted by their large leaf size Ladino clover also have good disease and stem nematode tolerance. Best suited to a rotational grazing and or hay / silage pasture situations. Cultivars: Please contact us at Specialty Seeds for more information on Ladino cultivars.
    NEW PRODUCT: More white clover: (M / L) A blend of premium clovers that include a medium leaf type and a large leaf type designed to give maximum clover throughout the pasture profile. Both cultivars have been selected to for there respective exellent leaf size and stolon density. Improved stolon density leads to better clover content in your pastures.

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    Red Clovers
    (Sowing Rates: Diploid: Mix 3-5 kgs per ha: Tetraploid: Mix: 4-6 kgs per ha)

  • A short lived tap rooted legume used in pasture mixes to provide high quality summer forage. Flowers later than white clover. May persist 2 - 4 years in mixed pastures pastures and up to 5 years under favourable conditions.

    Colenso Red Clover: Good persistence and selected for very good winter dry matter production
    Rossi Red Clover: R Rossi has been bred for persistence and disease tolerance and has strong performance during the warmer seasons.

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    Annual Clovers:
    (Sowing Rates: Mixed: 4 - 6 kgs per ha)

    Persian clover: Native to countries that include Turkey, Iran and Iraq persian's performance in summer dry areas should need no explanation. Can be used as either a special purpose forage crop or used in pasture seed mixes with Italian ryegrasses, cereals or brassicas as a self regenerating and highly nutritive plant. Over recent years there has been a great deal of interest in Persian clovers.
    Enrich: Very late flowering type with proven increased dry matter yield into late spring early summer. Click here for more information.
    Shaftal clover: Name given to a range on non name persian clovers generally the cheaper cultivars. For best results we recommend using EnRich.

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    Berseem clover: Berseem clovers are soft seeded annual clovers that can be used over a wide range of soil types. Well suited to heavier soil's Perform better where total annual rainfall or irrigation is above 700 mm.
    Balansa clover: Hollow stemmed type with a semi prostrate growth habit. Like Sub Balansa clovers need to re - seed to persist. Perform better where total annual rainfall is above 600 mm.Balansa clovers are tolerant of a wide range of soil types (except sand) and soil fertility.
    Cultivars: Please contact us at Specialty Seed's for more information on Balansa cultivars.

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    Subterranean (Sub) clover: Are annual clovers breed to perform well in summer conditions. Being an annual clover it must be allowed to re - seed to persist into the second and subsequent seasons. Sub clovers usually contain a percentage of "Hard Seed" that is also important for persistance.
    Rosabrook: This is a late flowering, high yeilding variety, and has good red legged earth mite tolerance
    Narrikup: This is a vigorous mid flowering variety with increased tolerance to redlegged earth mite and clover scorch disease
    Napier: This is a late flowering, that persists well on moderate to heavy soils in higher rainfall zones
    Gosse: This mid maturing variety offers excellent seedling vigour and superior hard seed levels compared to Trikkala.
    Trikkala: Will grow well in heavy soil types and limited water logging.

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    Other clover types:
    Sowing Rates: Mixed: 3 - 4 kgs per ha)

    Strawberry clover: A perennial legume that persists by both re - seeding and stolon growth. Selected to survive in very difficult environments. Ideal for waterlogged and / or saline conditions were other clovers will not persist.
    Cultivars: contact us Specialty Seeds for more information on Strawberry Clover cultivars.

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